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Magicalis Inc. introduces, a new kind of app that helps parents discover positive apps & games that reflect their life values and beliefs. And are most suitable for their child’s unique age & character.

The Valuelizer is the first-ever commercially impartial crowd-sourced democratic platform. The best parental control software that allows parents to influence and shape the media available to their children. The best parental control is to instill the right values in our children. No matter when/what/how or who is near by when they use media, they will still make the right choices.

The Valuelizer also enables parents to voice their opinion about their children’s media. The enormous easy-to-understand, pediatric research repository is a must read/know for every 3rd millennia parent. Knowledge is power. Our goal is bring knowledge to the masses. Knowledge on the Media and children intersection.Power to the parents.

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